Sports academies

From beginning to end

We love to share our love of sport and there is no better way to do so than through our academies. We offer quality sport for everyone, managing extra-curricular activities, sports clubs and directed activities for all types of clients. The key lies in a good technical methodology that leads the learning process, surrounded by a simple but complete operation that makes everything flow.

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100% digitalised processes

We believe in technology as a tool to improve the user experience.

Thanks to our experience in sports management we have developed multiple tools that allow us to facilitate the operation and take care of the relationship with clients and users. Proof of this are:

  • Our personalised web page for each academy.
  • Our mobile app to manage the whole service.
  • The digitalised registration process.
  • The secure online payment with card.
  • The subscription system for recurring payments.


Education of value

The basis of a sports school is teaching and here we have a great added value. We have used the best experts in more than 14 sports to create our own training programs that achieve maximum impact

Our way of working

We know the best way to coordinate all parties to make the experience unique. We apply technology and marketing to design processes that surprise the user and are effective at the same time

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Quality management

Thanks to our technology

A mobile application to manage the sports academy service.

With our technology you will be able to connect with your users improving their experience and increasing the productivity of the coaches, controlling the whole process in a simple way.

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Calendar of the classes Confirmation of attendance Service ratings Sending of communications


Calendar of the classes Control of attendance Requesting replacements Sending of communications

We have already managed academies for

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