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Our sports campuses are the ideal experience to go deeper into the technical aspects of a sport in a fun and effective way.

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To enhance the user experience

We rely on our own developed technological tools to support the Camps from the first to the last step. We put them at your disposal to make your day-to-day life easier through:

  1. A registration website: we built a website to manage all the registrations to the camps through digital processes and online payment methods.
  2. The mobile App: an app with a profile of the coach, user (parent), coordinator and client in order to synchronise all parties around the key tasks:
  • Attendance control
  • User Satisfaction
  • Individual and group communications
  • Programming control


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To learn and have fun

We focus on the training program on camps, not to mention the fun.

To guarantee an effective training, we divide all our students according to their age and level, and we design a technical methodology adapted to the characteristics and needs of each group.

Each of our coaches has at his disposal a set of exercises designed by the best experts in each sport, and which combine learning, safety and integration.

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Integral management

In order for you not to worry about anything

We love working with children and we are very serious about taking care of them: balanced diet, sun protection, hydration guidelines, accident protocol...we take care of every detail to ensure their safety and well-being.

We comply with all the required labour and legal regulations and the necessary insurance to guarantee the safety of the younger ones.

We know all the ins and outs of a camp and we get ahead of ourselves through good planning and careful control, taking care of those little details that make the students feel like a star so that they want to repeat!

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