Sports events

From beginning to end

Tournaments, Races, Leagues, Masterclasses, Exhibitions: sports events are the perfect service to connect with your users.
The incredible variety and innovative possibilities they offer make them the ideal tool for creating unique experiences.
At Sportmadness we work with all formats in both leading and niche sports. We will help you create that personalised event that fits your audience and objectives.

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We take care of everything

In order for you not to have to worry about anything.

At Sportmadness we design, commercialise and execute the sports event you need.

We work with our own project management methodology to guarantee excellent quality in every service.

100% digitalised processes

We believe in technology as a tool to improve the user experience.

Thanks to our experience in sports management we have developed multiple tools that allow us to facilitate the operation and take care of the relationship with clients and users. Proof of this are:

  • Personalised web page for each event.
  • Digitalised registration process.
  • Secure online payment with card.

Sports marketing

Is there a better way to connect a brand with its customers than sport?

I'm sure you know how we feel about that answer. That's why we strive to connect brands with their target audience through sponsorship activations or other actions that we design and execute on a global level.

We are your only interlocutor

If there's one thing that sets us apart from other companies and agencies, it's our reach. Our structure by delegations assures us to reach where to your client is and to take care of all the operative of the event, from the initial design to the final photo.

Commitment to the society

At Sportmadness we take very seriously supporting the challenges we face as a society; equality, climate change and inclusion of the disadvantaged.

But we are more about acting than talking, that is why we work in our services from several points that help us to fulfil this commitment.

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Success Stories

Futbol Factory World Cup

A tournament of integration and in which the image of the client is very present.

Jogging with Purpose

A different race, where sport and taking care of the environment come together.

Roller of Tudela

Not all races are the same and the roller half-marathon in Tudela is a proof of that.